Windows2008/Vista doesn’t support AX3 AOS cluster?–Win2008/Vista firewall disabled UDP

Windows2008/Vista doesn't support AX3 AOS cluster?--Win2008/Vista firewall disabled UDP
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大家好,我是架构君,一个会写代码吟诗的架构师。今天说一说Windows2008/Vista doesn't support AX3 AOS cluster?--Win2008/Vista firewall disabled UDP,希望能够帮助大家进步!!!

Dear all,

Our system is

Windows2003E SP2 and installed AX3 + SP3 + AOS & SQL2005 + SP2

I had create a AOS cluster included 2 AOS on this server. I can access AX using a AOS cluster configure file. As i tested, WinXP/Win2003/Vista are OK.

But when i copy this configure file to Windows2008 installed AX3 Client. Then i found a error: No MS axapta object servers could be located using the current clinet configuration. TS RemoteApp AX program also doesn't support it.

When i use a configure file pointed to a AOS not a AOS cluster. It is OK. And TS RemoteApp AX program is OK too.

Anyone have solution or suggest? 

Thanks a lot.


As considering, AOS cluster was used UDP to broadcast and find a AOS. Then I checked Windows firewall is enabled on windows2008.

I disabled firework and all are OK.


So windows 2008's firewall will disable UPD automatically. So once it enabled, AOS cluster will disabled. Vista's firewall will disable UDP too

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2008-11-18 12:11
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