PAT Advanced 1027 Colors in Mars (20 分)

PAT Advanced 1027 Colors in Mars (20 分)
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大家好,我是架构君,一个会写代码吟诗的架构师。今天说一说PAT Advanced 1027 Colors in Mars (20 分),希望能够帮助大家进步!!!

People in Mars represent the colors in their computers in a similar way as the Earth people. That is, a color is represented by a 6-digit number, where the first 2 digits are for Red, the middle 2 digits for Green, and the last 2 digits for Blue. The only difference is that they use radix 13 (0-9 and A-C) instead of 16. Now given a color in three decimal numbers (each between 0 and 168), you are supposed to output their Mars RGB values.

Input Specification:

Each input file contains one test case which occupies a line containing the three decimal color values.

Output Specification:

For each test case you should output the Mars RGB value in the following format: first output #, then followed by a 6-digit number where all the English characters must be upper-cased. If a single color is only 1-digit long, you must print a 0 to its left.

Sample Input:

15 43 71

Sample Output:


#include<iostream>using namespace std;char toChar(int a){ switch(a){ case 10:return 'A';break; case 11:return 'B';break; case 12:return 'C';break; default:return a+'0'; }
}int main() { int a,b,c; cin>>a>>b>>c; cout<<"#"<<toChar(a/13)<<toChar(a%13)<<toChar(b/13)<<toChar(b%13)<<toChar(c/13)<<toChar(c%13); system("pause"); return 0;